2022/6/15 To our overseas customers

The 3rd Antique Watch Fair in Ginza, an antique watch sales event, will be held at Ginza Phoenix Plaza on August 6 (Sat.) and 7 (Sun.).
This time, admission will be restricted to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Therefore, please use E-tickets for priority admission.
E-tickets can be purchased through the Japanese website "PassMarket.
The price is 6,000 yen for Early Time Ticket / 1,000 yen for General Ticket.

Saturday, August 6, 2022
10:00-12:00 / Early Time
12:00-17:00 / General (*Admission closes at 16:30)

August 7, 2022 (Sunday)
10:00 - 16:00 / General (*Admission closes at 15:30)

[Term of sell e-ticket]
June 15, 2022 (Wed) 12:00 - August 7, 2022 (Sat) 15:00
The ticket sales period will end when the number of tickets sold reaches the planned number of tickets.

[E-ticket Prices]
(1) Early Time Ticket (Entrance at 10:00 on August 6 (Sat.))/6,000 yen
(2) General tickets (admission after 12:00 on 8/6 (Sat.) / admission after 10:00 on 8/7 (Sun.))/1,000 yen
Free tickets (admission at 14:00/15:00 on 8/7 (Sun.))/Free

*General tickets and free tickets are divided by the hour to manage the number of visitors, but there is no time limit for paid tickets (early time and general).
However, for paid tickets (Early Time and General Admission), there is no time limit on the length of stay.
*A paid ticket is a two-day pass, so it is possible to re-enter the venue or to enter on a different day (by presenting the ticket again). However, please note that you may be asked to wait for re-entry depending on how crowded the venue is.
*Free tickets are subject to a one-hour changeover.
Please note that even those who have purchased e-tickets may be required to wait depending on how crowded the venue is on the day of admission.
Please note that even those who have purchased electronic tickets may be required to wait depending on how crowded the venue is on the day of the event.

[Flow of E-ticket Purchase]

1. Apply for e-tickets
Please enter the application form from the following sales site.

Electronic ticket sales site (PassMarket)

Tickets can be purchased from PCs, smartphones, and tablet computers. Payment can be made by credit card or convenience store.

If you choose to pay at a convenience store, please note that you will be responsible for the bank transfer fee. The handling fee will vary depending on the amount of payment.

2. Receiving your ticket
You can check your ticket at any time via the e-mail address you entered when you applied for your ticket, or by clicking [Purchased Tickets/QR Code]. No paper tickets will be issued, and your smartphone will be used as your ticket. (You can also print it out on your computer.)

[How to accept tickets on the day of the event]
On the day of the event, please present the QR code issued at the time of purchase to the staff at the entrance.

(1) Display the QR code on your smartphone screen and use it.
The digital ticket (QR code) you received will be displayed on your smartphone screen for use. Please present the ticket screen at the reception.

②Print the ticket on your computer and use it.
If you have a printer, you can print out the digital ticket and use it. The ticket can be easily printed by clicking the "Print" button on the ticket displayed on your computer.

*Acceptance will begin 30 minutes prior to the entrance start time indicated on the ticket.
Please note that you may be asked to wait in the event of congestion even after the ticket acceptance time.
The last entry time will be 16:30 on 6th August(Sat) and 15:30 on 7th August(Sun).

Downloading the COCOA application is required to enter the fair. Please download the application in advance to facilitate the reception process.