【書籍】1950s-70s アンティーク国産時計|【BOOK】1950s-70s ANTIQUE JAPAN WATCH

  • 書籍名:1950s-70s ANTIQUE JAPAN WATCH 【アンティーク国産時計】
  • 製品番号:Ref.YK20210217
  • 発行:株式会社シーズ・ファクトリー
  • 著者:杜岐
  • 編集:Low BEAT編集部
  • 判型:B5サイズ(182×257mm)
  • ページ:244P(4Cフルカラー)
  • 定価:4,950円


 小誌読者のかなには、すでにご支援をいただいており、ご存じの方も多くいらっしゃるかと思いますが、今回ここに紹介する本“アンティーク国産時計”は、去る1月まで編集部が運営する時計を専門とするクラウドファンディングサイト“WATCH Makers(ウオッチメーカーズ)”で支援を募り、目標冊数に到達したことで、この度出版化が実現したというものです。


[セイコー]グランドセイコー、キングセイコー、スーパー、マーベル、ロードマーベル、ローレル、クラウン、ライナー、スカイライナー、チャンピオン、クラウン…etc [シチズン]オート、アラーム、エース、ハイライン、クロノメーター、ホーマー、エクセル、デラックス、ジェット…etc [オリエント]スター、マルス、ジュピター、ロイヤル、グランプリ、ダイバー…etc [タカノ]プライム、シニア、スーペリオ、シャトー、サブリナ…etc [リコー]ダイナミック、オートジャスト、オートマット、EXPO、デラックスエイト…etc


Crowdfunding was succeed!
Photo album about Japanese antique watches which admitted by watch lovers!
We are a publisher specializing in watches. “ANTIQUE JAPAN WATCH” has been published. This is because we have reached the target number of books by soliciting support from our crowdfunding website "Watch Makers" operated by us.
Mr.Toki, who is the watch collector requested our editorial department to make a book about his watch collections. Our editorial department took pictures and edited them. It took a year and a half to make it. Only 50 books have been printed for Mr.Toki.
This book would be secret because it was Mr.Toki’s private. But Mr.Toki accepted to post our Instagram and YouTube about “ANTIQUE JAPAN WATCH” and we posted some pages. We had many inquiries by watch lovers who saw the posts. Because the content was high material value.
We advertised on crowdfunding to sell to the general public. And achieved the target of 500 books. Currently sold at bookstores.
The biggest highlight of this book in the box that comes with about 250 Japanese antique watches including rare models, while holding down all the representative models of the time such as Grand Seiko, King Seiko, Citizen Chronometer, Orient Diver model, etc. And tags are also posted together as much as possible. In that sense, the material value is sufficient as very valuable information that gives a sense of the historical background. It is a permanent preservation version.